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On this page you will find some properties with just a description and other properties that, besides a description, also offer their relative pictures. This difference is based on the confidentiality requested and the property type.
Once a property has been singled out, you may e-mail us to arrange a personal appointment, since our service is offered solely on a personal level.
This approach allows great confidentiality both for the selling party and for the purchaser.

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    Villa Luce
    Villa Luce, a prestigious 19th century mansion on lake Como, completely renovated with exclusive designer furniture, creating a unique personality, nestled in a quiet spot in front of the Bellagio peninsula, one of the most picturesque sights of Lake Como.
    Cascina La Torre
    An ancient farmstead on the hillside of Como
    Villa Berta
    Historical villa in the Hills of Griante built in XIX Century with boathosue
    Villa Panorama
    Panoramic Villa built in the 60s with stunning lakeview towards Como at only 1 km from town centre and 500 mt from the lakeshore.
    Villa Argenta
    Villa Argenta, a Lakefront jewel nestled at only few km from Cernobbio, into a picturesque fishermen village on west coast of Lake Como.
    Villa Rovella Como Lake
    Nestled in the beeping heart of Como city, at the doors of the Cathedral and within the ancient roman walls is Villa Rovella. The property provides a luxury atmosphere in compliance with its history and location. 8 Bedrooms and 8 bathrooms available. Car parks up to 7 spaces. Garden terrace. Amazing
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